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At Affiliated Financial Advisors, Inc. our mission is to provide trustworthy, reliable investment services for our clients so they can achieve their financial goals and focus on what is most important to them. We educate clients to enhance their confidence, peace of mind, and investment maturity. In addition, we take a comprehensive approach to coordinate our clients' finances through the various stages of life.

We work in conjunction with you to build a sound financial plan that will give you confidence and peace of mind.

We work in conjunction with you to build a sound financial plan that will give you confidence and peace of mind.

You are the centerpiece of the financial plan. We work with you to determine your risk tolerance and investment objectives. We then tailor a financial plan that is customized for you and capable of accomplishing your goals. Your individual plan is based on sound financial principles and evolves through life’s various stages. In addition, we help you react to changing markets and unexpected events. While markets change, a commitment to success lasts a lifetime. We develop your financial plan using the following process:

  • Initial consultation and goal setting;
  • Risk tolerance determination;
  • Financial education;
  • Regular portfolio reviews;
  • Portfolio adjustments as circumstances change

AFA, Inc. offers both investment management & comprehensive financial planning.

Comprehensive financial planning is about more than just stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. It is also about retirement planning, college funding, estate planning, insurance, and taxes. Let us use our creativity and expertise to help you navigate these issues. We will employ a comprehensive strategy that considers all relevant factors and ensures that the various components of your financial plan are integrated seamlessly.

Many Wall Street brokerage firms appear to offer the same services as AFA, Inc. The difference, however, is that we are an independent Registered Investment Advisor, and we:

  • Sell no in-house products;
  • Have no quotas to meet;
  • Consult with you prior to making any changes;
  • Offer a fee-based compensation structure, not transaction based.
  • We work for you.
  • Succeed and grow with you – not in spite of you.

Clients enlist our support to help them navigate through each stage of the Financial Life Cycle.

THE FINANCIAL LIFE CYCLE – Each stage is managed with a comprehensive approach:

  • Early Planning Stage – first job, buy a house, and save for retirement
  • Accumulation Stage – accelerated earnings and savings
  • Pre-retirement – portfolio and risk tolerance review, develop distribution plan
  • Distribution Stage – distribution of income from portfolio
  • Estate Planning Stage – preserve & transfer wealth

Through the ups and downs of the market and the five stages of the Financial Life Cycle, we help you stay the course. While conditions change, your financial success should not.


  • Determine and/or reaffirm your financial goals;
  • Assess your risk tolerance;
  • Monitor your financial progress;
  • Address tax issues;
  • Ensure a successful Distribution Stage that cannot be outlived;
  • Manage the Estate Planning Stage through containment of health care costs, estate planning and wealth transfer.

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